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The Lucky Bug

Help us raise £5 million for children in need

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The ‘Lucky Bug’ phenomenon is sweeping the globe! Get yours now and help make a difference!

A percentage of proceeds from the sale of the ‘Lucky Bug’ will go direct to the children in need charity. You can also buy on-line via e-bay.

The Story...

10 years a go I purchased a large framed insect from a strange old man in one of the back streets of London. What possessed me to buy this bug I do not know, it just caught my eye as I was walking down the street. I started talking to the seller and he informed me that this particular bug was a 'lucky bug' and that through the powers of his magic he had placed an enchantment so the beholder would receive great luck and happiness throughout his life. ‘Yeah right, pull the other one I thought!’ Just as I turned to leave, a voice inside me said ‘Don’t go. Buy it, buy it! You need some luck, give it a go!’ Feeling slightly uneasy about this I stood and pondered the situation for a while... ‘Well it’s not too expensive, it certainly looks interesting, what have I got to loose!, go for it’ I decided to take the plunge! Feeling positive I paid the man and made my way home...

Not much happened in the first week so I decided to hang the bug on the wall above my PC. It was quite a bizarre looking creature and when friends came to visit it turned out to be a great conversation piece, everyone was very curious! It was not until the second week that I noticed things were really starting to change and change quite fast! It all started with a win on the lottery, nothing too much to shout about but a welcome injection of cash nonetheless. Soon after I won again! This time it was on some premium bonds that I had invested in many years ago and were long forgotten. I could not believe my luck! Things just continued to get better and better or should I say luckier and luckier! In fact at the time I felt like I was the luckiest guy on earth!

It wasn't until a friend commented on how lucky she thought I had been of late that it suddenly clicked! Could my lucky streak be connected to the lucky bug still hanging faithfully on my wall? I still wasn't sure. I recalled the guy I bought it from 'the beholder would receive great luck and happiness throughout his life!' There was only one way to prove it! I decided to put the bug to the test and perform a few experiments of my own...

To start my experiment I took the lucky bug round to a friends. I did not tell her about its supposedly magical powers. I simply asked her to hang it on a wall somewhere for a few weeks and see if it brought anything positive into her life. She thought I was barking mad, but agreed nonetheless. Nothing changed for my friend in the first week, but I certainly noticed a dramatic change in my life! My luck ceased. Instantly! After a couple of days I came down with an unfortunate illness, my regular monthly premium bond and competition wins stopped, nothing ‘lucky’ happened to me at all. I also felt different in myself. It was almost as if the confidence I had found in feeling positive was slowly being drained day by day. I started to question if the lucky bug really was a magical talisman and that the removal of the bug from my house was now the cause of all my bad luck, a bad omen perhaps!

Two months passed, when out of the blue my friend called me on the phone... She was ecstatic! It turned out that she had won several competitions that she had entered for department store clothing; she was feeling great in herself and she sounded really positive! She said that she ‘was so happy that things were finally going her own way for once!’

I arranged to go around the next day for a coffee and to collect my lucky bug! As we talked I was amazed at all the great things that had happened to her and in such a short space of time! When I got home I immediately placed the lucky bug back on my wall. It sounds silly I know, but within a few hours of returning with the bug to it's rightful place I felt more at ease with myself, like a dread had been lifted from my shoulders. I actually started to feel positive again. I waited...

Three weeks later a cheque from my premium bonds landed on my doorstep. I had won! I immediately picked up the phone and called my friend to tell her the good news. It transpired however that she said she’d fallen ill shortly after I had removed the bug. She told me that she was feeling very low and that she had entered all her usual newspaper competitions and promotions but to her avail she had won nothing!

At this point my mind was racing, could this be really true! Could my bug really be a lucky bug! I started to think – ‘how could the two of us get the same good luck at the same time!’ There is only way I thought, and this was to go back to the city center and find the old man. I would ask him how I could share the luck with my friend or at least purchase another one to help her out. I grabbed my coat and raced back to the city. I searched and searched the back streets all day, but he was no where to be found! Disappointed I returned home... This was a very frustrating turn of events. I'd drawn a complete blank. I concluded that there was nothing I could do; I would just have to keep the secret to myself!

Several weeks passed... One evening I decided to watch a television programme about tribesmen in Papa New Guinea. These tribesmen were deeply involved in so called black magic and often used talisman and other objects to bring them good fortune and good health. They made it quite clear to the TV crew that many of them were not happy about visitors taking photographs of themselves or there belongings due to a belief that part of their soul or magical power would be taken away with the photograph. You could say at this point I had a revelation! Why don’t I just take a photo of the lucky bug, print it out and give it to my friend? What did I have to loose, it might work! At last I might be able to share my good fortune with all my friends; after all I did feel quite bad about keeping it all to myself! I immediately took a photo of the bug, printed two copies and went straight round to see my friend the very next day...

On arrival I explained my story, she was more than willing after such a bad run at luck to give it a go, after all what did she have to loose! I then took the second copy of the photograph round to another friend’s house, again explaining the story and my excitement in the possibility of sharing my luck with him also!

After a few months the results were outstanding...

My first friend's luck returned. She’d started winning all her competitions again, secured a new job and had also bought herself a shiny new car! She told me that her confidence was sky high and that she felt great again. She point blank refused to give me back the bug print! I phoned my second friend to find out what was going on his end... He apologized that he had not been in touch. He explained that life had suddenly got busy! He had met a wonderful woman and was on the way up with new love in his life!

I was overwhelmed at this news, my plan had finally worked! At last I had successfully found a way of spreading the bugs luck! Over the following months I proceeded to print more original copies giving each bug print to different members of my immediate family. Lucky bug birthdays cards, thank you letters and framed photo’s were sent out to all my loved ones - I said they were my lucky gifts! I even printed a couple of t-shirts for people to wear.

In the months that followed the results I saw were amazing… Love, friendship, confidence, health and wealth were just a few things that had changed in many of their lives! They all said they had just been on a ‘lucky streak! I smiled to myself quietly...

It’s now time to share this gift with the world! It’s time to give everyone the opportunity to give the lucky bug a go!

Here are just a few comments I have received from bug owners so far...

‘Give it a try, it’s not expensive and if it works for you, you will never look back!’


‘It will never work! I was so wrong!’


‘Ever since I hung the wee beastie on my wall I have been blessed with so much love and happiness, my life has changed 110% positive – if you buy one thing this year, buy this. Thank you lucky bug!’


The Lucky Bug
Option 1


I have decided not to make a profit over this, so I’m selling the lucky bug at cost price!

Each bug print will cost £5.99 - p&p is free for UK / Euro customers.

The purchase price includes a 59p donation to a charitable cause. You can purchase direct from this site or buy this item via ebay, just search for 'The Lucky Bug' (more money however will go to charity if you purchase direct from this site).

On ordering each Lucky Bug owner will receive:

  • 1 Lucky Bug Colour Print (Choose your option and destination below)

  • 1 Photo Frame

  • Free P&P for UK / Euro

If you are an international customer there will be a small additional delivery charge of £2.50 to cover the p&p.

Thanks for reading this story - and good luck!

The Lucky Bug
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Returns available only for exchange if damaged. Buyer to pay for return postage and packaging. Item will be replaced with identical item. No refunds available due to charitable donation.